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Recycling Producers

Recycling Producers

If you are a producer that offers electronic goods, it’s essential for your brand to provide extended producer responsibility and look after the e-waste generated by your customers. Absence of an efficient recycling system for the returned goods could result in the goods being illegally dumped or worse, being put up in grey market. This could damage your brand reputation as customers and stakeholders are very particular about sustainability strategy of the brands they choose. Also, the devices always contain some sensitive information about the company, which if leaked, can cost the company a lot.

As one stop solution to all these problems, American Greenz Inc. employs a recycling procedure that is specially formulated by keeping in mind brand and data protection. Our services range from data destruction to physical destruction and resource recovery. Our services result in cost reduction and increased sustainability thereby ensuring environmental protection. Our specialists handle the disposal of such products very precisely and ensure complete safety to both the brand and the user. Moreover, we re-use the invaluable minerals these devices for production of new materials thereby reducing the burden on environment.

American Greenz Inc. ensures:

  • No part of your electronic waste ends up in landfills
  • None of your e-waste is incinerated
  • The entire recycling process and the involved partners are compliant with e-steward standards
  • Your e-waste is de-assembled and each part is sent to specialized partner for recycling
    No child labor

We cater to all your electronic e-waste, including end-of-life devices as well as surplus and seconds electronics.