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Your IT assets or devices such as mobile phones and computers contain memory devices in the form of magnetic hard drives. When these devices reach the end of their life, they still contain lots of sensitive and confidential data such as customers’ list, intellectual property, credit card information and so on. A leak of even a piece of such information can cost a fortune to you, personally and professionally. We, at American Greenz Inc., offer solutions to destroy all such data on all the memory devices such as magnetic hard drives, external & internal solid state drives and external hard drives. The procedure that we follow ensures that all the data is destroyed safely, without any breach. Understanding the importance of our client’s privacy, we make sure that the data we destroy is irrecoverable and untraceable. 


As our goal is one hundred percent destruction of your sensitive data, we don’t compromise on the methods we implement during the data destruction process.


We use specialized machinery that cuts through the devices and slices them into tiny pieces to an extent that it becomes impossible for anyone to have any access to the data on these devices.


Crushing as a means to destroy data requires a strong drill and expert meticulousness. Our specialists know exactly which components of the device to drill and how. The end result is a completely shattered device that leaves no room for retaining any data.

Apart from these, our specialists also use degaussing and erasure for complete data destruction depending upon the kind and condition of your device.

To assure you that the job is done perfectly, we will also provide you with a data destruction certificate as a guarantee that your data can never be retrieved by any means.