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Business Recycling

With growing automation, the use of electronic devices in businesses has been escalating with each passing day and is greater than ever today. Devices like laptops, phones, hard drives, fax machines, etc.  are used not only to communicate the important messages amongst the concerned parties but also to store vital information about their business.  With lots of information being shared among the employees through these devices, every company must adopt a policy of recycling its e-waste. This reduces the risk of a data breach and the legal consequences that entail the data breach. American Greenz Inc. is the one-stop solution for all the business that are looking to recycle their e-waste. With our state-of-the-art technology and process that is compliant with all the legal regulations, we offer the services of e-waste management to small and large business houses in an environmentally responsible manner. We also guarantee that all of your data is safe & sound and there is no harm to your reputation. There is complete transparency in our operations which enables you to track the progress of your e-waste recycling process and also lets you know how the hazardous materials from these processes are disposed.

We accept e-waste in large quantities and then disassemble and separate the devices for shredding. This is done to produce raw commodities like steel, plastic, aluminum, circuit boards and more that can then be reused.

Our e-waste recycling services can help your business demonstrate how conscious and concerned it is for environmental issues and minimizes its contribution to the carbon footprint.