IT Asset Management

American Greenz Inc; offers IT Asset Recovery Service that not only offers best value for your resources but does ensures handling, inventorizing, transportation, resell and disposal as per the industry standards.

We offer end to end solutions on IT Asset Recover Service, be it a pickup within a single location or be it anywhere across USA; the clients can rest assured, the assets are managed by us as per your requirement.

For IT Asset Recover Service, we will do complete research and offer you the best possible quote before the pickup which provides you with price gaurantee.

Be it a Drop-Off, a pickup or a collection event; American Greenz is always eager to assist you with your recycling needs.


Ensuring Maximum returns On your IT Assets

  • Deinstallation ServicesOur Team of trained technicians would be able to assist you with deinstallation services of your IT Infrastructure from your premises. We would handle the complete process with utmost care and undertake responsibility of your IT Assets.
  • Collection, Inventorying and ProcessingThe entire process of IT Assets Collection, Inventorying and Processing is handled through a process chain developed and enhanced over the period of time to better serve an individual client requirement. With the use of latest invnetory management applications, the client gets a real time reporting of materials being handeled at their locations. Not only does it provide a transperity but also provides a great amount of trust to them regarding how their assets are handeles.
  • Data Security.For any business data security is very critical and we do understand this very well; and for the same reason we implement D.O.D. 5220.22M (Department Of Defence) Data Wipe process for Hard Drives and / or perform shredding operation for any other information containing media, (CD, DVD, Tape Media, etc). Upon completion of data wipe process  a certificate of Data Destruction is provided to the clients.
  • Revenue Sharing With a comprehensive list of vendor network we ensure the best revenue for your IT Assets. Based on your inventory we can offer you the best value to your IT Assets.