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A little insight about us ! Backed by sound investors and young ignited minds seeking solutions for environment. The idea to explore electronics recycling was seeded back in 2006 when there was hardly any awareness about this domain of business. With extensive research and experience in Asia, Europe and North America; American Greenz was established in 2009 in State of North Carolina.

What, How and When

American Greenz Inc., as the name suggests, is an American Green Technology firm with involvement in multiple green projects such as Electronics Recycling, Biomass Energy Production, Renewable Energy Solutions and Sustainable Solutions and Consulting.

The strength of this company lies in thinking out of box and supporting those ideas. We would have not achieved this success if we haven't believed in what we did.

American Greenz Inc. is established in 2009 and registered with state of North Carolina and CCR & has over 5 years experience in the recycling industry and facilitates electronic waste recycling for clients throughout the region. The company is located in Durham, NC.

  • Mehul "Max" Patel

    President of American Greenz Inc.

  • Max steers company's profits and striving for optimum outcomes without compromising quality of service or standards. Developing and maintaining business relationships with a wide range of agencies, organizations and government within the public and private sector as well as people from multicultural backgrounds. Max also provides senior management services in best interest of his own and other organizations in the US, UK, India and other countries.

     On Target to develop the company into Recycling and Energy solutions in the North Carolina and regional markets while establishing a reputation for quality and timeliness. Secure and maintain funding levels. Also responsible for budgeting forecasting. Optimized purchasing, subcontract and recycling service processes. Make or edit existing monitoring, reporting and company policies and procedures within project management controls perimeters. Provide effective leadership. staff development and management training throughout the team

  • Anand Chahuan

    Vice-President and Chief Technology Officer

  • With a career spanning across 7 years, he had an opportunity to work with few of the good companies who have carved niche in their own domain.

    Currently a Vice-President and founder member of a Environmental Services Company; American Greenz Inc. based in Durham, NC. Its a good opportunity to implement the knowledge that he has acquired over the years and help build the company from scratch. 

    With multiple contracts with some reputable clients and our partners in east coast American Greenz Inc., is seeking a huge development in recycling business over the period of next 2 years.

    We are also initiating our renewable energy development projects in North Carolina with the start of a large scale Biomass Briquetting Plant.

    He is also involved in various other Technology, Business and Finance related projects.

  • Professional Goal: To capitalize the opportunities in Recycling, Renewable Energy and Power Sector.
  • Specialities:Decision Making, Project Management, Technical Expertise, Branding.
    Recycling, Renewable Energy and Power Sector.
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A.Ewaste Collection
Collection Bins / Boxes / Pods and placed at various locations across the state for easy convenience of electronics drop-offs by citizens, businesses, schools, colleges etc. Once enough material is collected it is then hauled back to the electronics recycling facility for processing.
B.Sorting / Dismantling / Segregation

Once the collected electronics are received at the recycling facility; first it is segregated into various categories based on the type of material.


Home Appliance IT Equipment Consumer Goods

Based on the type of material sorted it is then sent forward for dismantling where material is dismantled for the recovery of materials.

Once dismantled these materials are sorted based on their material type and value. The following are segregated after dismantling.

  • Metals (Steel, Aluminum, Copper Etc)
  • Plastics
  • Wires / Cables
  • Circuit Boards
  • Batteries
C.Material Downstreaming and Reuse
For all the material recovered during the above mentioned process, it is sent to authorized downstream vendors for either reuse (metals, plastics etc), further processing(Circuit Boards, Batteries etc) or Reuse (Computers, LCD Screens, Mobile Phones Etc)

As a premier Environmental Solutions company, our mission is to offer its clients with an environmentally and economically sound solutions. The company believes in developing methods for sustainable developments for the betterment of the environment and community.

We strongly believe in economic development of community by offering cost effective and high yielding projects for a mutual gain.


Our People:

American Greenz Inc. strongly believes in its people and they are the strength of the company. You can meet some of our people and learn about what it means to work for American Greenz Inc.. Our colleagues will share with you why they chose American Greenz Inc., what their responsibilities are and what future expectations they have.

Our Philosophy:

American Greenz Inc. is an ewaste recycling company with a multifaceted business profile. The increasingly international nature of its business is driven by its expansion in new markets and new countries.

Working at American Greenz Inc. means being a part of a fast moving, innovative, proactive Group whose principle is to lead by example and which offers motivation to grow.

We make three pledges to our current and future employees:

• Continual Training Program
• Career Development Opportunities
• A high demanding and friendly working environment.

Our Job Opportunity: 
• Business Development Manager
• Project Coordinator
• Warehouse Manager
• Hardware Technician
• IT Project Coordinator

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